Available april 2018 - contact us for further information.


The stock on the picture above was manufactured out of american walnut and then painted pink, we call this one pinky. The action is a 1958 CZ Brno Model 2, 22LR.


Shown on the picture is a Marocchi Z3 O/U with a new stock exactly like the old one.


Krossdal is dedicated in creating custom made gunstocks that suits your hunting or competitive shooting experience, making it somewhat unique.

With a custom build duplicator and a four axis CNC machine, custom built for us by CAMaster in US, ensures our gunstocks to be perfect replicaions of our computer designed stocks or those we hand carve or replicate.

CWP in Finland is our hardwood supplier, with outstanding reputation in dying and manufacturing circh veneers from the local Nordic woods.

With our specialized equipment we can custom make any type of stock you desire, in any shape and color you fancy. If you have an old gun, maybe with special sentimental value, but with a bad shape or even broken, we can remake it exactly like the original.